General English

JDL offers all grades English classes, including writing and speaking.

Grammar Classes

The basic obstacle for senior grades students’ reading and writing is grammar. Most students do not know how to use long sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and different tenses. We made those grammar classes according to Ontario teaching guidelines. We have 15 themes altogether for this course.

Senior Level Writing

How to write essays with references using APA style in high school and universities is of great importance. How to avoid plagiarism in writing is that everyone should learn. Learn to write different styles of essays, such as creative writing and technical writing. At the same time, this course will introduce resume writing, interview skills and manners.

Junior Level Writing

In North America’s education, the most important aspect is to cultivate students’ spoken skills, and let them fully express themselves. We arrange classes according to their characteristics, and make them interested in this course. We will foster their observation skills, thinking skills and expression skills.

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