Ms. Lydia                                                                                             Ms. Emily

Lydia Gao                                                                                        842773200

Executive Manager                                                                                       MEd, MPA  

University professorPost-doctor,                              Worked in Queen’s U International Center

Special allowance from government,                                                            as international student advisor ;

More than 20 years teaching experience in Beijing,                                     Familiar with TOFEL/IELTS studies

Very familiar with students teaching and growth                                          University and immigration application                  

Mr. Willoughby                                                                                 Mr. Dooks                

image003                                                                               931451830

Master of Education                                                                                      Bachelor of Arts

Subjects: Grade 5-12 (medium-high) ESL                                                           Subjects: Wiring, Speaeking, SSAT, SAT

junior and senior high school English, Oral English                                     Junior and senior high school English

Private schools interviews,                                                                            Writing and speaking English

university application and essay writing

  Mrs. Wilkinson                                                                                    Ms. Harnarine

Laura                                                                             Nina    

Subjects: Kindergarten- Grade 6 English,                                                        Subjects: Shakespeare English, Science, Speaking

focus on enlightenment teaching                                                                      Very responsible, combine students interests with

29 years teaching as a public school teacher                                                     their studies

Improving students habits, behaviours and inspiring interests

Ms. Miszkiel                                                                                       Mr. Abbasi

  Yolanta                                                                        IMG 1427 meitu 1

Bachelor of Education in York University                                               Master of Applied Linguistics and Math

Intermediate and Senior Divisions, Primary and Junior Divisions                Full of teaching experience in Public Schools

Subjects: ESL, Math, English Writing                                                            Subjects: Writing, Maths in all grades, Science          

Mr. Arvandi                                                                                         Mr. Burchett

Aryan                                                                         Rob small

Bachelor of Education in Junior/Intermediate Level                                    Bachelor of Science in Universsity of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Studies                                                   Adult Educational and Training Certificate

Subjects: English, Public Speaking, Math under Grade 9,                           Over 10 years' experience in teaching, instructing and tutoring

History and Geograph under grade 10,11                                                     Subjects: Math grade 4-11

Ms. Jahanbakht                                                                                           Ms. Hernandez

Hedieh small                                                                        Gladys small

Post-Doctorate in University of Toronto                                                       Master of Education Curriculum/Instruction/ESL

Ph.D in Developmental Biology, Master of Genetic                                     Bachelor of Spanish,

Bachelor of Microbiology                                                                              Bachelor in Modern Language English and French

Subjects: Biology and Chemistry                                                                   Subjects: ESL all level, French, Spanish, Geography, History


Mr.Bassiri                                                                                                 Ms. O'Riordan                                          

20 years experience of IELTS teaching                                                              University, high school and elementary school

IELTS examiner                                                                                         teaching  experience

Subjects: All Grades English, IELTS, Applied Essay writing                            Subjects: History, French, Writing

IELTS Training Certificates                                                                                            Head of teaching group            

Mr. Lewandowski                                                                                  Mr. Stolovitsky

Very responsible, full of experience                                                                 Experience of teaching in Asian Countries

Subjects: OSSLT, Writing                                                                             Subjects: Maths, English, ESL English, French   


Mr. Persaud                                                                                           Mr. Ghazanfari

More than ten years of teaching experience                                               Full of experience for maths teaching in universities

Subjects: Grade 9-12 Math, SAT math part                                                    Subjects: All grades Math


Ms. Olshenitsky                                                                                           Mr. Veroff

Previous IELTS examiner, LINC teacher                                                       College teacher, special education certificate

Subjects: IELTS, ESL English                                                                         Subjects: English, Spoken English, ESL English, SSAT   


Mr. Fooladi                                                                                                 Mr. Samarbakhsh

College teacher, design his own Movie teaching method                                 Bachelor of Education Management and Arts

Subjects: reading, ESL English, writing                                                           Subjects: IB Maths, all grades Maths, OSSLT


Ms. Zina                                                                                                     Ms. Ardalan

Experienced High School maths, chemistry and science teacher                      Years of science teaching experience

Subjects: High school maths, chemistry, science and biology                         Subjects: Science, Social science, ESL English


Mr. Tavalla  

Doctor of Maths in York University,

more than ten years of Ontario teaching experience

Subjects: all grades Maths, AP maths, SSAT, SAT