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JDL Educational Consulting is an authorized student admission agency across various school boards. It is also an official IELTS test venue. We are proud of our professional teaching team, which consisting of Ontario public school teachers, top private school teachers and current IELTS examiners. The teaching plans and contents are in full compliance with the public school curriculum in Ontario. We have unique student evaluation system, comfortable classroom environment. Services provided are mainly as follows:

· Consulting and application for undergraduate and graduate degrees in Canada. Services include university and major selection according to future job preference, essay modification and interview guidance.

· Planning and application for top American universities .Planning includes high school course selections, SAT preparation, and in and out school activities panning.

· Consulting and application for top Canadian private schools. Services include interview guidance and interview accompanies. We also have our private entrance exam database, which will help students prepare for the private school entrance exam.

· Providing Ontario high school credit courses, a total of 39 courses.

· Academic guidance services: regular inspection of student learning progress, guidance for course selections, analysis of tests and grades, and so on.

· Guardian services: to participate in parent-teacher meetings, regular communication with teachers, keep in touch with homestay, and responsible for any emergencies to student.

· Preparation for various kinds of tests, such as IELTS, TOFEL, SSAT, SAT, CELPIP, and so on.

· Course tutorials: All subjects in high school including ESL.

· Providing Visa and study permit application for both students and their parents.

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Address:2832 16th Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada, Postcode:L3R0K8